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Take a moment to envision the ideal stock.

How would it appear?

Undoubtedly it would have revenue of the hundreds of billions of dollars – even more than tech giants like Facebook, Google and IBM.

Most likely it would be at the forefront of some leading technology such as e-commerce, smartphones, robotics or medical equipment.

Most likely it would own multitude of thousands of iron clad patents.

Most likely it would provide an impressive dividend.

Most likely it would be on the edge of several huge announcements that are all primed to explode the stock.

And most importantly………it would be uber-cheap – trading at less than $3.

It seems like a fairy tale that an actual stock like this exists.

However it does……..

What’s more amazing is that most likely you haven’t even heard of it.

How come?

Because it trades under an obscure name.

I’m not even kidding it’s a fact.

Alexander Green (a legend in the world of stock picking) – just gave a must see live presentation about this “perfect stock.”

He notes that this solitary stock by itself has the ability to fund your entire retirement.

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