The search for the best car insurance at an affordable price can be time-consuming and challenging. With so many car insurance companies, you may be at a loss when trying to make your choice. Not to mention all the comparison websites that claim to help you find the best and cheapest option. 

Not all comparison sites are equal and some may just use your information for lead generation. The following are a few legitimate websites that give you either real or estimate quotes from a number of car insurance companies. 

  • Insurify
  • The Zebra
  • Gabi
  • Bankrate was launched in 2013 and now works with over 60 carriers to offer a great number of options for insurance quotes to their customers. After entering personal and car details, the tool generates real-time quotes. Some options allow for online checkout while others require calling the insurance companies. However, the company is obligated to honor the rate presented on, as long as all details are accurate. 


Insurify gives you the opportunity to compare quotes for auto, home, and life insurance. The comparison tool will ask you to answer some questions in order to provide you with accurate, real-time quotes from dozens of companies. In addition to the personalized quotes comparison tool, you can also use their quick estimate calculator that in a few clicks allows you to get an estimate on what you would pay for insurance in your state. 

The Zebra

Founded in 2012, The Zebra was initially launched in Texas and California before quickly expanding to all 50 states. The insurance comparison tool was recommended by NBC Nightly News, leading to nationwide media attention. As previous sites, The Zebra asks drivers to fill out a form and answer some questions regarding age, driving record, and credit score, to provide a list of real.time quotes from over 200 national insurers. 


Gabi is quite a recent insurance comparison website, launched in 2016. The process of getting a quote for car insurance is very similar to the ones above with the difference that Gabi gives you estimated quotes, not real-time accurate quotes. It can still be a useful tool, especially to compare the quotes to your current insurance. 


Bankrate was founded in 1976 in New York as a print publisher of the “Bank Rate Monitor.” In 1996 it started the transition to an online business, becoming renowned as a personal finance website. The company started providing insurance quotes in 2004 but it works differently from previously mentioned tools. The comparison tool allows you to enter your location, age, and the previous insurer to then provide you with a list of both insurance companies and other comparison sites like the ones mentioned above. You will then need to fill out your information on the chosen site. It still provides very useful information and articles as well as a list of reputable insurance companies and websites.

Choosing your car insurance should be a well-thought decision so make sure to take some time for your research and cross-check different websites for the best deal.