It is of most importance for our economy to have the fastest possible communication network.

Something extremely disturbing was discovered last summer by Cybereason, a cybersecurity firm based in Boston

At least 10 major wireless carrier companies around the world were being targeted as a part of a huge spying campaign.

Physical location, text and phone calls, among other data, were being collected by hackers which involved around 20 political and military targets.

Just like a Bond movie.

According to Cybereason, all the evidence that they have collected points to a hacker crew working for Chinese intelligence. This campaign, which has now been dubbed Operation Soft Cell, had been going on since 2012.

It wasn’t revealed who was on the main target list of these Chinese spies. It has been kept a secret.

New 5G Video Going Viral…

The banning of 5G networking equipment of the two Chinese firms, Huawei and ZTE happened around the same time the key officials of the Trump administration found out about this.

Learn how banning these firms from providing their 5G services was an intelligent move and also how you can make a profit out of this 5G boom.

Next-Gen Technology

5G technology is becoming our next step towards the next evolution. It connects your smartphone to the world through the internet. These latest networks are going live on a weekly or even daily basis.

Speed on the 5G network is said to be 100 times quicker than the 4G network being used today.

It is of most importance for our economy to have the fastest possible communication network

This is the reason why U.S. wireless carriers will be investing around $275 billion in 5G networks. 5G technology is said to add around $500 billion to the U.S. economic output and will be creating around 3 million jobs for Americans.

$200 billion is expected to be invested at an industrial level through 2025

This is the reason why 5G has gained powerful supporters…

And Trump is supporting 5G technology

President Trump is anxious to push the 5G build-out

Trump administration even threatened early last year that if wireless carriers couldn’t do it themselves then they would make their own nationwide 5G network.

I feel like it was a warning.

Verizon (NYSE: VZ), AT&T (NYSE: T), and T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) were simply told by The White House to just get out there and make 5G networks as soon as they can or they will do it for them.

In simpler words, it was like lighting a fire under private companies included in the  5G network build-out

And as a result, they didn’t succumb to the challenge, they came out successful…

What we saw next was new 5G devices revealed for the first time to the public

As a result, now Verizon has recently launched 5G network in Indianapolis, Atlanta, Detroit and Washington providing President Trump and the American Senators with ultra-fast 5G.

You might be thinking that this 5G coverage launching in D.C. could not be a coincidence. You’re right, it’s not

It shows the progress that the 5G technology was made the responsibility of policymakers. In April, the president made his goals about 5G clear. He said:)

And he is correct…

Wireless World War.

Countries which will be directing the 5G networks is sure to have a big competitive lead over their competitors.

In this way the tech companies in the U.S will also be the first to manufacture and sell their products for 5G wireless services

One more thing to be noted is that some of the latest technologies like self-driving cars are dependent on the data speed 5G has.

The big challenge we are facing right now is that China can take the lead in this, leaving the U.S. forced to using Chinese 5G infrastructure which could make our data accessible by the Chinese Spies

That is the reason why the President wants this technology built as soon as possible by the U.S and European firms.)

As it might be clear to you now. 5G is inevitable. The companies who will be providing these services are sure to make huge profits off it.