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If you have the talent to spot hidden gems, long before the general public becomes aware of them, you could potentially own a portion of these pioneering organizations that revolutionize the way we conduct our daily lives.

Take this for example………

Google’s groundbreaking search algorithm was initially released in 1998.  Aside from a handful of in-the know individuals very few people grasped the significance of this event – and how much success Google would go on to have.

However for those that were “in-the-know” and ahead of the curve, investing in their initial public offering in 2004 would have afforded them gains as outstanding as 2,356%.

To be clear every $5,00 invested resulted in as much as a whopping $108,300.

Take the case of Netflix, in 2007 they revealed streaming video and the vast majority of Americans couldn’t understand the importance of it.   Fast forward to present times and people spend hours binging on TV shows on Netflix.

And if you had been one of the fortunate few that invested upon that announcement you had the potential of making an incredible 7,607%.

Which would’ve turned  $5,000 into $385,350………not bad at all.

Obviously these types of returns are not typical and are extraordinary circumstances of companies that altered our way of living.

Charles Mizrahi recently released an overview showing what has the potential to be the most revolutionary company of today’s day and age. 

What is even more intriguing is that it all begins with the technology that is associated with boats like the one mentioned here…….

If you don’t know who Charles is he’s a now retired money manager who counts iconic companies such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Credit Suisse amongst his former client list.  These organizations looked to him for money management for the simple fact that he has a unique propensity for spotting wealth-creating opportunities.

It’s this knack that once allowed him to provide a return of 113% in a single year – with an even more incredible 313% over the course of a three-year period.

This amazing performance allowed him to garner the accolade of being the No. 1 money manager by Barron’s.   It also put him on MarketWatch’s 10 Best Advisor list. High praise indeed.

What does this mean?  Ultimately when Charles shares opportunities to make money you would probably be wise to take note.  Check out his next ultimate wealth-building recommendation here now.