By following these five easy you can considerably reduce your cell phone bill.

A lot of Americans, after considering your budget, are paying more than they should for their cellphone services. Nowadays cell phone expenses are not that far away from your car, mortgage, and grocery bill.

This is how you can get the same great service for almost half the price

 1. Being famous doesn’t necessarily make The Big Four reliable

There are service providers other than the big four, try them out if you are not bound by a contract.

Cricket, run on AT&T’s network, offers very affordable plans some of them starting at $50 per month following their autoplay discount. There are no hidden fees to worry about because these prices include taxes and fees, same as other smaller carriers

By doing this you would be saving around $200 per year when compared to AT&T’s unlimited plan and normally you don’t even have to change your number.

Talking about affordable carriers we shouldn’t forget the following: Metro by T-Mobile (Formerly Metro PCS), Republic Wireless, Straight Talk Wireless, Walmart Family Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Ting.

Don’t worry about losing coverage since these budget carriers are still run on network towers of the Big Four

2. Only pays for what you want

You can also save more by counting how many minutes, data and text messages you use every month. In this way you might not even require an unlimited plan, you can just choose a plan that is more appropriate for you.

A research done by Market research firm NPD Group revealed that an average person, including younger demographics, use around 5.8GB per month. Just go through your last three month’s bill and you should have an accurate idea about how much data you use every month.

If your monthly usage is below 5GB then sticking to a fixed data plan is ideal for you. You can get 8GB of high-speed data plan per month from almost any of the carriers mentioned above.

3. Go Prepaid

You can always change to prepaid if you’re not in the mood for changing your carrier. This way you won’t have to give up coverage and your monthly bill will still be cut to half.

Almost 18.5 percent of your wireless bill goes to taxes, surcharges, and fees, according to a research done by The Tax Foundation is 2017.

You can avoid paying all of these fees by switching to prepaid. AT&T offers prepaid unlimited plan starting at just $50 per month for one line. Sprint also offers a $60 prepaid unlimited plan.

You can save around $15-20 per month when comparing the prepaid unlimited plans offered by T-Mobile at $50 per month and Verizon at $65 per month with similar priced postpaid unlimited plans

In this way, you will not find out about any extra charges until it’s too late since there won’t be any extra charges, because you would be paying your service upfront. No worries about overage charges anymore.

4. Rethink Insurance

Many carriers also provide premium protection plans. These packages offer extended warranties for your device, insurance if your device has been damaged or altogether lost and 24/7 tech support.

Basic insurance offered, in most cases, should be enough coverage. It will cover you if your phone breaks down, gets stolen or lost.

Play smart by canceling the protection after a year or so. Why? The protection will cost you around $10 per month but after about a year the replacement cost of your device should go down considerably so you can just have it replaced instead of hanging on to the same old thing.

5. Take Advantage of Autopay

By signing up for Autopay you will be cutting around $5 to $10 off your monthly bill and if you’re a family of four, that’s $20 off your monthly expenses. It’s the little things that count so just sign up for automatic payments. T-Mobile, for example, takes off $5 per line.

Although it depends on your carrier, it’s preferred that you link a credit card instead of checking account or debit card. In this way, you are more in control of your account, if you have to dispute any bills.